STUDENTS: Employers in our area are now offering INTERNSHIPS and SEASONAL JOBS – get paid and have fun at the same time!

Many seasonal or temporary positions are of direct educational benefit to those of you majoring in a variety of fields, such as business, hotel and restaurant management, public safety, health and nursing, and marine science.

Some majors at the undergraduate and graduate level require internships as part of a student’s degree program. Other programs permit internship credit if a student elects to enroll in an internship. What does your program of study require or allow?

If there are internship positions here of interest to you, check with your faculty advisor to assure that you may receive college credit for these positions. It is up to you to seek all approvals, paperwork, and payments necessary at your home campus to make an internship work for you.

If an internship is not right for you, consider a seasonal position listed here too.