Welcome to the Ocean City, Maryland Chamber of Commerce


The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce invites you to join a group of businesses and professionals who are dedicated to working together to enhance and improve the accomplishment and performance of our community.


As the voice for business, we believe the effectiveness and success of the Chamber depend on our credibility and representation of the community’s business interests. Without you, we are that much less representative, less credible, and less effective. We hope that you will consider supporting The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce in the upcoming year.


The mission of the Greater Ocean City, Maryland Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economic growth of the region by providing leadership, inspiration, education and development opportunities to support and promote all segments of the tourism and business community.


We strive to assist our members through promotion, education and information important to the success of their businesses. We are committed to building the recognition of the Chamber and its membership by creating and assuring a level of respectability and responsibility associated with being affiliated with the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce. We continue to promote the public recognition of our members for their contributions to our community’s successes.


We look forward to serving your needs and representing your interests. Thank you for considering membership in The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce. Call on us!


2020 General Membership Meeting